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For years, recombinant DNA technology
has led to protein-based therapies that have revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry. Yet, the effort required to turn promising candidates into marketed products is enormous. Legacy BioDesign was established to provide the highest quality support for formulation and assay development. Unlike many contract research organizations (CROs), Legacy seeks to establish a strong rapport with our clients, so that they can be assured that the work is being done accurately and efficiently. At Legacy, trust, quality and reliability are as important as our technical skills. Using an established network of laboratories (including GLP/GMP facilities), Legacy will partner with your organization to develop formulations and assays in an efficient and responsible fashion.

Today, there is an urgent need to increase the number of candidates moving through the developmental arms of companies. Not only does this need to be done in a shorter period of time, but also with less material, and with little, if any, increase in personnel. The key challenge is to obtain more information with less material more rapidly than ever before.

Legacy BioDesign LLC was formed to meet these challenges, focusing on strategies that can be implemented for efficient development of protein products from bench to the marketplace. Legacy is a CRO you can trust for peptide and protein formulation, assay development, process development assistance, drug delivery expertise, and other hard-to-find skills. Please read more about some of our specialized expertise and experience in areas such as solubility optimization, terminal sterilization, and stability during processing.