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Issue Summary

Below are the topics covered in the most recent issues of Staying Current: Formulation of Biopharmaceuticals. Please visit Staying Current and select an option, if you'd like to subscribe.

July 2022
Stress Factors for Proteins in Manufacturing
Particle Formation upon Transport in Bags
Differential Effects of Polyols and Sugars
Surfactants in Formulation of Biologics
Osmolyte Effects on Catalase
Protection of a mAb by Degraded PS 20/80
Osmolytes and Water Mobility
Methods for Particle Characterization
Photodegradation in Citrate Buffer Solutions
Chemical Degradation of mAbs
Stress Factors in Packaging and Transport
SVP Analysis of Approved mAbs in China
Lys β-Hydroxybutyrylation of a mAb
Arg Derivatives and IgG Opalescence
Arg Salts Inhibit Particle Formation
D-Tagatose in Spray-Dried Formulations
High Concentration Antibody Formulations
Antioxidants Inhibiting AGE Formation
Oxidation of Plasminogen
Oxidation and Aggregation of Whey Protein
Glycation of a Bispecific Antibody

June 2022
Conformational Dynamics of mAbs
Effect of Arg on Conformational Stability
Differences in Protein Solubilizing Agents
Characterization of Submicron Particles
Cryoconcentration/Frozen Storage of mAbs
Stabilization of Glycogen Phosphorylase b
Pyro(Glu) Formation in Bispecific and mAb
MAM Monitoring of Bioprocesses
Trp Oxidation-Induced Fragmentation
Quantifying Met Oxidation
Metal-Induced FFA Particle Formation
Interfacial Particle Formation with mAbs
Developability of mAbs and pI Values
Dipolar Interactions and Hydration in mAbs
Grinding of a Lyophilized mAb Formulation
Comparison of Particles Measured by LO/FI
FFAs Can Induce Protein Particle Formation
Syringe Filling of HC mAb Formulations
ss NMR Analysis of mAb Suspension
Oxidative Crosslinking of Polypeptides

May 2022
Metal-Catalyzed Oxidation of PS 80/mAbs
HIP and Oral Drug Delivery
Oral Delivery of Polypeptides
Topical Delivery of Macromolecules
Inhaled Dried mAb Powders
Stabilization of Enzymes for Use in DPIs
Future of Dry Powder Inhaled Therapy
Prediction of Developability and Stability
Prediction of PTMs in mAbs
Naturally Occurring Osmolytes and mAbs
Predicting Viscosity and Aggregation
Machine Learning in Pharmaceutical R&D
Nanoemulsions in Drug Delivery
Adalimumab-Decorated Nanoparticles
Multi-Attribute Raman Spectroscopy
Air/Vacuum Desiccation of Proteins
AF4-MALLS Analysis of Peptides
Variants and mAb Aggregation
Self-Interactions of mAbs
SAXS and High-Throughput Screening
Nano-DSF Screening for Buffer Selection

April 2022
Electrostatics and Interferon Aggregation
Effect of PS 80 Composition
Interaction and Reversible Self-Association
mAb Interactions with Serum Components
Predicting Long-term Stability of mAbs
Multimers in HC Protein Formulations
Aggregation Caused by Food Additives
PEG Precipitation to Estimate Solubility
Innovation in Excipient Development
Protein Stability Changes upon Mutation
Lyoprotectants for Lactobacillus Bacteria
Cryoprotectants for Peptide Vaccines
Inhibition of Fibrillation by Linoleic Acid
Predicting mAb Thermal Stability
Characterization of a Poliovirus Vaccine
Thermostabilization of a HPV Vaccine
Freeze-Dried Nanoparticle Formulations
LLPS and hIAPP Aggregation and Gelation
Schlieren Monitoring of Heterogeneity
Surfactants and Fabs at Air-Water Interface
Plastic Microtubes for Lyophilized mAb
Stabilization of LDH by Hydrophobin-1
Fragmentation and Aggregation of BCAB

March 2022
Viscosity Predictions of HC Formulations
Extensional Flow of BSA Solutions
Microfluidic Device to Measure Viscosity
Serine Increases Protein Solubility
Forced Degradation of Cell-Based Products
Measuring Solubility: PEG Precipitation
Effect of Perchlorate Salts on Stability
Stable Bacteriophage Powders
Transdermal Delivery of Macromolecules
Oil-Immersion Flow Imaging Microscopy
Effect of Sterilization on Proteins in PFS
Monitoring Freezing Behavior in Vials
Stabilization of bFGF-2
Optimized Spray Layering of IgG
Modeling s.c. Injection of mAbs
Aggregation of mAbs Upon Air Bubbling
Surface Tension Monitoring of Fibrillation
Innovative Drying Methods
LLPS and Fibrillation of α-Synuclein
Selection of Elastomers for Biologics
A21 Deamidation of Insulin
Possible Use of Melezitose as an Excipient

February 2022
High Dose/Volume s.c. Delivery
Formulation Design by Machine Learning
Photo-Degradation of Trp Residues in mAbs
Effect of ‘pH’ on pGlu Formation
Optimization of Secondary Drying
Viral Vaccine Lyophilization
Packaging and Dropping-Induced Damage
Caffeine as a Viscosity Reducer
Adsorption and Aggregation in PFS
Opalescence Measurements
TRPS: Quantitation of Submicron Particles
Mechanism of Salting-In Excipients
SV-AUC Analysis of AAV Sizes
Physical Stability of βγ-crystallins
Infliximab Formulations for Oral Delivery
Understanding Surface Activity of Proteins
Lyophilized mAbs in COP Vials
Ziv-Aflibercept in Polyolefin Bags
New Polysorbate-Degrading Enzymes
Fibrillation and Nanoscale-IR Spectroscopy
Charge Variants of Trastuzumab
Biopharmaceutical Drug Development

January 2022
Iron-Dependent Photooxidation
Photooxidation of Met Residues
Oxidation of Lysozyme by Peroxyl Radicals
Predicting Met and Trp Photooxidation
Characterization of Proteinaceous Particles
Isopeptide Linkages in Aggregates
Low pH Virus Inactivation and mAbs
Clipping in CDR of a mAb
Effect of Trp on Photo-Induced Aggregation
Pro Isomerization and Aggregation
Excipient Effects on IL-2 under Heat Stress
Protein Adsorption to Pump Surfaces
Buffer Selection for Frozen rAAV Products
Polysorbate Degradation and Particles
Modified PS 20 to Reduce FFA Formation
Oxidation-Induced Aggregation of a mAb
Improved Prediction of mAb Viscosities
Interfacial Shear and Insulin Fibrillation
Excipient Effects on Oxytocin Stability
Met Residues in Regulating LLPS
Hypochlorite-Induced Oxidation
Interfacial Aggregation of HEWPs

December 2021
Zn-Mediated Aggregation of mAbs
Microscale Nephelometry
Inhaled Antibodies
Spray-Dried Inhalable Protein Powders
Electrostatic Spray-Drying of mAbs
Nanotechnologies and Intranasal Delivery
Cyclodextrins in Nasal Formulations
Methods for Measuring PPIs
Pitfalls of Turbidity Assay for LLPS
PLGA-Based Products
Cellular Therapies (2)
Freeze-Thaw Operations
Aggregation Kinetics and Inhibition
Mechanisms of Amyloid Formation
Effects of pH and Excipients on Exenatide
Different Colors of mAbs
Trp Degradation Products in Cell Culture
Buffers and pH Stability during Freezing
Cryoprotectants and Frozen Solutions
Spray-Drying of Protein Pharmaceuticals