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Short Courses in Protein Formulation

2019 Short Courses (London, UK)
September 16-19, 2019. Dr. Manning is scheduled to offer two short courses as part of the programs put on by Pharma Training Services (www.pharmatrainingservices.com). On the first two days, we will offer an introduction to the formulation and stabilization of proteins and peptides. On the second two days, an advanced course on Protein and Peptide Formulation and Stabilization will be offered, focusing on latest developments in this field. Please see the Pharma Training web site for more details or contact us at [email protected] . We hope you will join us for one or both of these courses.

2019 Short Course (MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA)
For the eighth year, a short course entitled “Formulation and Stabilization of Biotherapeutics” will be offered at MIT. It will be taught by Dr. Manning, Dr. Katayama, Prof. Bernhardt Trout of MIT, and Dr. Bazarra Damdinsuren (FDA). Please use the link below to obtain more information or contact us at [email protected] .

June 10-13, 2018 are the dates for the MIT Short Course on Formulation and Stabilization of Biotherapeutics. More information can be found at http://shortprograms.mit.edu/fsb